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Oral Cancer Screenings

Regular dental visits are the first line of defense in eradicating oral cancer. A dentist might suggest special oral cancer screening methods during a routine visit. Recent technological advancements in the early detection of oral cancer provide the best chance for successful treatment. People who use tobacco, smoking or alcohol are especially at high risk of developing oral cancer, and they have to be screened frequently.

As in many cancers, the oral cancer screening dentist may recommend special oral cancer screening methods for prevention, early detection, and treatment. The diagnostic methods include a visual examination to detect visible lesions, physical examination of the oral cavity and also by using screening devices that help early detection. During the visual examination, the dentist will examine the oral cavity and also the surrounding tissues. The dentist will examine the neck, nose, lips, and looks over the inside of the oral cavity. The dentist uses light and mirror to see clearly if there are any abnormalities, as bumps, lesions, or any swellings inside the oral cavity. After the visual test, the dentist may conduct a thorough, systematic physical examination of the patient's cheeks, head, lips, and neck to detect for abnormal swellings or swollen lymph nodes, and other abnormalities.

As part of the comprehensive examination, the doctor will examine the mouth to detect if the patient experiences pain or other abnormalities while swallowing. During the oral cancer screening process, the dentist may perform oral CDX brush test to remove cells from the oral cavity. VELscope (Visually Enhanced Lesion Scope) system is used by the dentist to help differentiate between normal and abnormal cells, utilizing the blue light excitation. The dentist may also use a special tool, nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, which is a flexible fiber optic camera for detecting head and neck cancers. The flexible fiber optic scope is passed transnasally into the nasopharynx to thoroughly inspect larynx and pharynx.

Most dentists will carry out various screening tests during the routine dental checkup for signs of oral cancer. If the patient is detected with any of the cancer symptoms, he may have to undergo more tests to find it, and treatment for that type of cancer will be given. Early detection of oral cancer will reduce painful and expensive surgical procedures and other cumbersome treatments.

Our trained and experienced team of oral cancer screening dentist in Fremont will conduct a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity for any signs of mouth cancer or precancerous lesions and may recommend follow-up visits or a biopsy procedure. We recommend that you visit the best oral cancer screening dentist in Fremont dental office for your first exam.

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